What is the devil wears jadon docs?

the devil wears jadon docs is the critically acclaimed (fut. tense) newsletter from writer, filmmaker, and renowned lesbian Aliyah Knight! Hold for applause.

If you already know me, you may know that I have a lot of thoughts! And interests. I am a person who has lots of thoughts and interests. Those interests include but are not limited to:

  • the inherently queer history of horror

  • intense female friendships in media

  • spicy braised eggplant

In all seriousness — as a young, black, genderqueer lesbian who spends their free time consuming bucketloads of media… I have a lot to say! the devil wears jadon docs is my attempt to say all of that (or at least some of that) in the form of essays, reviews, poems, interviews, recommendations, and more! I really hope you enjoy!

Why subscribe?

To be honest: I really want to have you here! Life’s a little bit hectic at the moment, and for you to come and chill with me for a couple of minutes a week means a lot. Really. So if you like what I have to say - even just a tiny bit - come and join the party! I promise that it’ll be a lot of fun. And also gay!

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