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I get it. As someone who finds themselves trying to unravel the past through media and film to find meaning in the present day, this is something I constantly think about. And now that media and even fashion has taken a turn to try and indulge these things we seek, I kept asking myself how’d we get here. It’s not that I don’t enjoy these things, I do. But why is someone whose favorites are from x and y decade is the one with respectable better taste?I’ve been writing an essay about how in our era with everything in our fingertips things just seem a bit too polish, a bit too easy. And deep down we all crave authenticity. We find ourselves searching this in content where they didn’t have much but we’re able to find happiness in what they had. We are given access to connect with thousands around the world but feel dissociated from our own life. And if we start emulating what we consume, we think maybe things would turn out different. But does it ever actually

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